The L4L and Small World Nigeria sessions powered by continued at the L4L Clubhouse, Government Junior College, Maroko.

In today’s session, we went along with the students taking the “What is the Internet” course.

Do you know when the internet was created?

Do you know how the internet works?

Do you know how to get the best results from your internet search?

Do you know how to search for different categories of results?

Find answers to all these and a lot more insights into search and the use of the internet. Enroll in the course here

Here are some photos from the session.

Students, Seyi, Deke, Rozanne.. Focused class

The course begins … What is the internet?

Do you know what a porcupine looks like?

the School

tête-à-tête about internet

Green table finished first on the search contest

Mary, Success, Glody logging on to their profiles to begin the course for the day

Bateen taking matters into his hands literally

Collaboration is always welcome at session

Deke enjoying herself. Say cheese

Success explaining some search techniques while Fatima onlooks

Everyone wants a piece of the action as Rozanne and Mitchel helps out

Helen and her friends on the green table



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