Laptops for Learning (L4L), in collaboration with Small World Nigeria and, resumed training sessions at the L4L Clubhouse at Government Junior College, Maroko, Ikoyi, Lagos, to encourage technology-based learning for children in form of weekly training sessions.

With these training sessions, aims to equip the students with essential skills to succeed in today’s world where technology is at the centre. Using a well-tailored and engaging learning experience, the students will go beyond regular curriculum to expand their critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and collaboration skills.

This session was held on Wednesday, the 23rd of October at 2pm in the L4L Clubhouse.

The 20 trainees, JSS2 and JSS3 children of the school, were guided by facilitators from, volunteers from Small World Nigeria and L4L officials through a fun, interactive session on emails. The students demonstrated a respectable ability to recall the previous lesson and were able to power on their laptops provided by L4L and connect to the internet.

The  students signed into the portal, which is a social and educational network where they can interact with each other and their educators. They were encouraged to independently carry out their lessons on the laptops with guidance from trainers and volunteers where necessary.

Trainers from gave the lesson on emails, their uses and how to open an email address, while the other volunteers gave support. The students proved to be willing to learn and eager to participate in Q&A sessions. Prizes in form of points were given to students who participated by asking or answering questions, and successfully completing tasks.

Considering that majority of the children had never used a computer prior to these sessions, they made good progress with the day’s lesson. They were able to correctly imagine the uses of emails, and capably open their own email address. It is predictable that with time and extra emphasis on enhancing their literacy skills, these students will find it increasingly easier to practically apply technological concepts for individual and collective growth.



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