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Educate Nigeria using Technology Foundation is a non-profit organisation with a mission to deliver quality education using modern tech. The Foundation is dedicated to adapting curriculums to technology trends as they evolve, giving students the option to learn in ways they are most comfortable with, and making it possible for them to relate effectively with their peers locally and globally.

The Platform

The website is an e-learning platform that provides free educational K-12 resources. The website also allows for communication and collaboration with peers and educators. We want to make learning fun for kids so as to encourage a continuous learning process. This is why our site has games and fun learning activities for engaging students and getting them extra comfortable with the idea of learning in any way, at any time and from anywhere. is a revolutionary educational platform for K-12 students powered by educators.

Our aim is to drive to change the future of education by giving students a well tailored and engaging learning experience that will develop them and ignite them to explore possibilities. Using this learning platform, we aim to equip students with the essential skills for success in today’s world, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and collaboration.

We want the students to become self-directed learners that can work independently or in a team and go beyond curriculum to explore and expand their learning

We encourage ICT literacy, local and global awareness by providing training/content for students on the use of technology as a tool to research, organise, evaluate and communicate information.  We make the learning fun so that the kids would be excited about learning, and get used to it and ultimately adopt it as a habit and a lifelong process.

The tasks on the platform are simple and will show students how easily they can make small changes in their life to make a difference in their world using technology. Our platform also has a growing social network where learners can interact and engage with other students and educators.

Join the Team!

We’re at our happiest when ideating and creating content for learning, watching students learn new things, learning new things from students, and seeing how little by little, student by student we are making the world a better place.

We believe that happy educators make happy students,  happy students make a great future, come join the team and let’s make the future great!

Free tools for students and teachers! offers free google emails for teacher and students, helping to improve the relationship between teacher and student as well as encourage collaboration between peers. Free cloud storage of up to 100gb is available and comes with the free google emails. Free applications which enhance the learning process are also accessible for teacher and student via   

  • Free email for students and teachers
  • Free cloud storage students and teachers
  • Free apps for students and teachers
  • Laptops for Learning
  • Safe networks for schools

Seyi Ayinde

Program Director

Debo Odunlami

Debo is a Program Director at Educate Nigeria

Morolake Onamusi

‘Rolake is the Data Analyst

Oluwadamilola Ige

Program Director

Moradeke Onamusi

Communications manager

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