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The website is an e-learning platform that provides free educational K-12 resources. The website also allows for communication and collaboration with peers and educators. We want to make learning fun for kids so as to encourage a continuous learning process

try1 in the school

We deliver training sessions to students in Primary and Secondary Schools. Our classes introduce students to the concept of learning on the internet. We target students with low or no level of computer literacy and observe tremendous progress over the training period.


Tech for Education

We offer free consulting services to schools and educational organizations. Find out more about technological devices, such as; Tablets, Laptops, Chromebooks, Internet, Projectors, VR and much more, that can be used to enhance teaching and learning. Let anywhere become a classroom.


Learn anything online and expand your horizon

Explore your curiosity, acquire knowledge and create innovative solutions for the world. Break out of your learning comfort zone. Learn more than ever about more than you can imagine.


Collaborate with other learners and educators

Engage with our community of enthusiastic educators; teachers, instructors, professionals. Lean on the experience of these great people, get feedbacks and recommendations from them to improve your learning journey.


Learn online, share ideas, get notified

Stay connected and get excited by your learning progress. Get notified about new topics that interest you. Share with your friends when you learn new things and know when your friends learn something new that you also like.


Join educate Nigeria in making the future brighter!

Thank you to all of the amazing individuals who continue to inspire and encourage students all over Nigeria!

We know that the students look to you for inspiration. We want you to be that great mentor to lead this learning journey, to help encourage learning alongside regular classes and spark unique interest in the students

We want to partner with you to help make education fun and the best it can be for the students.

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