Valentine’s Day Fundraising+

Valentine’s Day Fundraising

What’s better than making an impact? making a bigger impact! This year we are running a Valentine’s fundraising campaign...

The use of technology in Education and teaching process+

The use of technology in Education and teaching process

Technology (noun) /tɛkˈnɒlədʒi/ inventions and useful things for solving problems. ” Technology alone isn’t going to improve students achievement. The best combination is great teachers working with technology to engage students in the pursuit of  the learning they need”   – Arne Duncan...

Kahoot! in the Classroom+

Kahoot! in the Classroom

Kahoot! time stands out, with the colourful big screen, competitive fingers, dashing eyes from big screen to individual PC...

Digital Culture in Nigeria+

Digital Culture in Nigeria

Nigeria is largely cultural and currently experiencing slow but steady growth in the Digital Culture. This is inevitable since...

Our Google Classroom+

Our Google Classroom

Google offers a lot of tools for education, most of them free. Rather than trying different apps and tools...

Course Management System temporarily unavailable+

Course Management System temporarily unavailable

We are making major changes to our Course Management System. During this time, the courses will be inaccessible. We...

Fun learning activities for kids on the Internet+

Fun learning activities for kids on the Internet

Online education programs for K-12 students have been increasingly popular over the decade. The holidays give the kids a...

Learning how to use the Internet on

Learning how to use the Internet on

The L4L and Small World Nigeria sessions powered by continued at the L4L Clubhouse, Government Junior College, Maroko....

How to Learn+

How to Learn

Enjoy the following insights into learning. TIP: As you learn, remember to always look up any word that you...

Type better with

Type better with is a free online typing tutor, used by millions of students and professionals all over the world....

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